Copyright Terms

Copyright Terms: In 1998, congress enacted the Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA).  This act extended the copyright term to the life of the author plus 70 years for individual works.  This extension was an additional 20 years over the protection term assigned in 1976.  For corporate authorship, the term was extended to the lesser of … Continue reading

Lib Guide: Basic Research Sources

I’m super stoked…  I finished my lib guide on Basic Research Sources and it has been approved for publishing as a USFP Lib Guide.  While I realize there are those might not be too impressed with lib guides, I am still really stoked.  My guide is funny, accurate, interesting and by golly it has some … Continue reading

Dangerous statments for librarians to make

I recently stumbled upon  a great post by Doug Johnson: Dangerous Statements for Librarians to Make.  The two main dangerous themes that stuck out to me were the assumption that libraries and librarians will always exist as they are today and second, the assumption that librarians do not have to embrace technology. My library is … Continue reading

Librarians as teachers.

While I was in college, I felt that the only way a teacher could be successful is if they first saw themselves as a student.  By approaching each teaching opportunity as an opportunity to learn, the “teacher” would gain a more humble and less threatening attitude and by default and would be more a more … Continue reading

Book Sale Alternative

Some library book sales work magic and through these book sales the library can generate a substantial supplementary income.  Some libraries are not so lucky.  I have volunteered in one of the Polk County Library Cooperative libraries.  Two of the libraries in this cooperative library system have a book sales.  Both have their book sales … Continue reading