Digitization within Archives

Google’s mission is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Google, 2012).  In April of 2010, Google Books Library Project announced that they had digitized over 12 million books (OCLC, 2010).  While digitizing does increase the accessibility of materials, digitization also has many challenges.  Google’s endeavor, for example, has been … Continue reading

What I’ve been up to over the holiday!

I’ve had a busy holiday.  Like most people, I ate too much, went to family get togethers, gained 5 pounds and loved every second of it.  But I also had a few side projects that really turned out beautifully! My archive (FSC’s McKay Archive) houses the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame and the Citrus Archive.  … Continue reading

Lib Guide: Basic Research Sources

I’m super stoked…  I finished my lib guide on Basic Research Sources and it has been approved for publishing as a USFP Lib Guide.  While I realize there are those might not be too impressed with lib guides, I am still really stoked.  My guide is funny, accurate, interesting and by golly it has some … Continue reading

A. P. “Pat” Bolton Collection

Do you know who was the first to pave the Daytona International Speedway??? With great excitement, I am thrilled to announce that I have finished the A. P. “Pat” Bolton Collection and it is now posted on FSC’s McKay Archives website!  A. P. “Pat” Bolton is best known for being the first to pave the … Continue reading

Ethnic Minority Collections

According to the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) statement on race, there is very little genetic difference between human races. (2011) However, this has not prevented racism from persisting.  Lizbet Simmons traces countless incidents of racism against minority students in her article: End of the line: Tracing racial inequality from schools to prison. (2009)  In 2011, … Continue reading