Copyright Terms

Copyright Terms: In 1998, congress enacted the Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA).  This act extended the copyright term to the life of the author plus 70 years for individual works.  This extension was an additional 20 years over the protection term assigned in 1976.  For corporate authorship, the term was extended to the lesser of … Continue reading

Lib Guide: Basic Research Sources

I’m super stoked…  I finished my lib guide on Basic Research Sources and it has been approved for publishing as a USFP Lib Guide.  While I realize there are those might not be too impressed with lib guides, I am still really stoked.  My guide is funny, accurate, interesting and by golly it has some … Continue reading

Ethnic Minority Collections

According to the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) statement on race, there is very little genetic difference between human races. (2011) However, this has not prevented racism from persisting.  Lizbet Simmons traces countless incidents of racism against minority students in her article: End of the line: Tracing racial inequality from schools to prison. (2009)  In 2011, … Continue reading

Banned Books week and the Free Speech Film Festival: Movie ideas

If your library is having a Censorship/Free Speech Film Festival and you need some movie ideas – here are several movies I’ve found.  Enjoy! Movies relating to Censorship: (A list of monumental proportions) 1984 (1984):  Big Brother all the way! A King in New York (1957):  Deals with McCarthy era communist paranoia.  This movie makes … Continue reading

Copyright or wrong?

About six months ago I was listening to the radio (unknown show) and the host was interviewing a panel of professors about the state of education and the abilities of current college students.  I was sitting in my car on a lunch break and was not able to hear the majority of the discussion, but … Continue reading