Before Photoshop

I recently presented a poster at the Society of Georgia Archivists on photograph editing through history.  The project started when I was working on the Florida Citrus Photographs Collection in the McKay Archive at Florida Southern College.  Several of the photographs in the collection looked like someone had painted them with whiteout.  Naturally, the first question that … Continue reading

Society of Florida Archivists: “Say No to Staples”

I was honored to be chosen to present a poster for the Society of Florida Archivists (SFA) regarding my work on the Shirley Jackson Case Collection. It was also pretty stressful considering I found out that I was selected on April 20, I had to finish my final papers for school by April 27 and … Continue reading

Copyright Terms

Copyright Terms: In 1998, congress enacted the Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA).  This act extended the copyright term to the life of the author plus 70 years for individual works.  This extension was an additional 20 years over the protection term assigned in 1976.  For corporate authorship, the term was extended to the lesser of … Continue reading

Digitization within Archives

Google’s mission is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Google, 2012).  In April of 2010, Google Books Library Project announced that they had digitized over 12 million books (OCLC, 2010).  While digitizing does increase the accessibility of materials, digitization also has many challenges.  Google’s endeavor, for example, has been … Continue reading