S.Wade Lorenz

Profile: I am a project archivist at Florida Southern College's McKay Archives Center and have been at the McKay Archive since 2010. Currently, I specialize in the Florida Citrus Archives and metadata entry using CONTENdm. In addition to my work at the McKay Archives Center, I have also worked on oral histories for the Polk Museum of Art and I have worked with the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler Archive in DC during their transition into using Archivists Toolkit. My current research interests focus on (first) how photographs were edited prior to Photoshop and (second) the process through which private collections develop and how archives can work with private collectors. Personally, I enjoy restoring antiques, quilting, listening to music and playing video games (LOTRO). Random Facts: 1) Aliens and Waterbears are awesome. 2) King Crimson is my all time favorite band. 3) Archives are the best places on earth.

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