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Before Photoshop:  Photo Editing has existed side-by-side with photography from the beginning.  Early photographers using glass plate negatives would often smudge the glass to allow more or less light to pass though so they could create more/less contrast as needed (or erase a few wrinkles on a subject who wanted to look younger).  In 1860, because there were not enough “heroic” photographs of Abraham Lincoln an unknown photographer created a stately image of Abraham Lincoln using John Calhoun’s body and Lincolns head (likely done through double exposure).  I found examples of this in my archive and am further researching how this type of photo editing persisted before Photoshop.

Barns of Florida:  Along with LuAnn Mims (College Archivist for FSC) I will be researching Florida barns as cultural heritage repositories.  Often, when businesses close private collectors seek out and collect the businesses’ signs, equipment and artifacts.  Because of the size of these items, they are often stored in barns.  One such collector is my father, Steve Wade.  The signs, gas pumps and equipment that decorate his barn tell the life and history of Plant City, FL.


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