Archive work was a natural extension of my childhood.  Both my parents are casual American History enthusiasts: we took vacations to historic sites, we restored old cars, we visited museums and we collect/restored antiques.  As a family we were never experts – we were casual enthusiasts interested in tangible history experiences.  One wall in my family home is a collage of my great grandfather’s woodworking tools and a 1952 Ford truck serves as a lawn ornament in a garden of ferns.  In 1997, I restored my first car: a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda (both my brother and I restored our first cars).  Having tangible access to history has always been a part of my life so when I was tired of working for insurance companies– my mother said: “Why don’t you go for an MLIS? You could work in a library or a museum with that, couldn’t you?”

Yes, Mom – I could do that …

I took my first archive position in May of 2011, received my MLIS in May of 2012 and I am loving every second of it.  I volunteer for several organizations including the Polk Museum of Art, the Society of Florida Archivists and for anyone who needs help organizing old things.  Archives are amazing because they provide tangible access to history through their collections.  Just recently, I was able to teach a student about the Scopes Trial through one of our collections that had related material.  That is a tangible history experience, we found it in the archive and yes, it is amazing.

Aside from my archive, I enjoy quilting, cooking and I have a secret nerdy past time of online gaming: LOTRO (I now have two 75 level characters: a Lore Master and a Minstrel).  Like my parents, I still enjoy restoring antiques and I’m currently working on two turn of the century sewing machines.  It safe to say that, for me, archives are infinitely more interesting than insurance.


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