Society of Florida Archivists: “Say No to Staples”

I was honored to be chosen to present a poster for the Society of Florida Archivists (SFA) regarding my work on the Shirley Jackson Case Collection. It was also pretty stressful considering I found out that I was selected on April 20, I had to finish my final papers for school by April 27 and my poster was due at the conference on May3 at 8am, followed by graduation on May 5. It was just a touch busy.  Still, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything turned out.  Everyone at the conference was kind, welcoming and encouraging.  I received great feedback on my work with the Shirley Jackson Case Collection and our tour of the Ca d’Zan at the Ringling Museum was amazing!



An unexpected highlight for me involved stickers.  In general, I over prepare.  I thrive on clear deadlines and all projects are usually completed a week before they are due.  Unfortunately, this semester my professor wouldn’t assign a project until two weeks before it was due.  So, when I found out I was selected to present a poster at SFA (April 20) mad chaos was the result.  I spent many late nights up till 3 or 4am getting everything finished.  Around 3am one night, while under the influence of the “tired sillies”, I came up with the brilliant idea that I “needed” to make stickers to pass out with my poster.  The stickers had my website and super cute sayings like: Say NO to Staples! If you don’t, Baba Yaga will get you and Ink is Evil.  After making the stickers I was certain people would think I was crazy but the unexpected highlight was that everyone LOVED them!  I brought 84 stickers and I left with 0 stickers!

So!  If anyone is wondering where they can get these stickers – it is super easy:

  1. Go to Staples and pick up a pack of Avery stickers (I used #22807/round 12 per sheet)
  2. Go to and check out their Templates.
  3. Find a design you like, stay up till 3 or 4am, get the “tired sillies” and think up an absurd saying.  (NOTE: “tired sillies” are a must for good product design)
  4. Design and print!

My designs are below.  You are welcome to download them, alter or distribute them and use them for the good of your archive!  But don’t sell them, the Avery Company might not be too pleased about that.

Say NO to Staples

Love Hate

Ink Is Evil


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