For Love of Information…

Is this Heaven?  No, its an archive.

Can anyone explain to me why they would not want to work in an archive???  Seriously, archivists have the best job ever.  Every time I work a new collection I find the most insanely awesome things…   Examples:

  1. A.P. Bolton Collection – Original photos from when the Daytona Speedway was first paved (awesome) and a personal letter from 1860.
  2. Shirley Jackson Case Collection – I found a scroll and evidence that my man Shirley influenced Clarence Darrow in the Scopes Trial.   (I am serious, you can call him Shirley.)
  3. Citrus Collections – Only the most awesome photographs ever… … … What? You don’t believe me?  You think all photos are equal?


That is an awesome picture.

Archives Are Awesome – The End.


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