Banned Books week and the Free Speech Film Festival: Movie ideas

If your library is having a Censorship/Free Speech Film Festival and you need some movie ideas – here are several movies I’ve found.  Enjoy!

Movies relating to Censorship:

(A list of monumental proportions)

1984 (1984):  Big Brother all the way!

A King in New York (1957):  Deals with McCarthy era communist paranoia.  This movie makes several comic jabs at censorship including an incident where King Shadov (played by Charlie Chapman) accidently hoses down members of the HUAC (House on Un-American Activities Committee)

Burma Solider (2010):   Story of Myo Myint, Soldier turned democratic activist in Burma -Due to the amount of Censorship in Burma/Myanmar this movie has an underground following – it is distributed discreetly and those who view it in the country can face severe consequences.  I heard about it on NPR (they know everything-lol)

Nuvo Cinema Paradiso (1988):  Local priest removes all love scenes from movies in the cinema.

Clockwork Orange (1972):  Violent individual is forced to undergo “treatment” to remove his violent tendencies and every inclination to fight back (even for self preservation).  Later, after he has been beaten and is in the hospital, the minister deems it necessary to reverse the “treatment” and our hero? is now as violent as ever again. –Contains significant sex, drugs and violence—but it is an AMAZING movie about censoring an individual’s mind.

Fahrenheit 451 (1966):  Follows the actions of a fireman charged with the job of burning book.

Footloose (1984):  Small town bans rock music.

Good night and Good luck (2005):  CBS news crew makes strides toward free speech amidst McCarthy era accusations of communist associations. (great movie)

Guilty by Suspicion (1991):  McCarthy era issues, specifically HUAC.

Inherit the Wind (1960):  1925 court case on a teacher teaching evolution.

Minority Report (2002):  Tom Cruise (ick) – deals with technology that enables police to catch criminals before they are able to commit their crime.  Can be linked in with post 9/11 paranoia and it asks the question: are  we willing to give up civil rights in exchange for security?

Pleasantville (1998):  Small town deals with an influx of culture, initially trying to ban It.  This transformation is seen in the transition from black and white to color.

Pump Up the Volume (1980):  Uncensored pirate radio-run by a kid.

The Front (1976):  Woody Allen allows a group a blacklisted writers to use his name for their art: the movie Illustrates the damage of blacklisting artists.  (McCarthy Era)

The Insider (1999):  CBS and the Tobacco industry tries to silence Former tobacco executive Jeffery Wigand as he tries to expose the Tobacco industry.

The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996):  Film about Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine) and free Speech.  Possibly one of the most pointed movies regarding censorship.

This Film is not yet rated (2006):  American Movie ratings board issues.

Shut up and Sing (2006):  Documentary of the Dixie Chicks regarding issues of free speech.

Skokie (1981):  A Neo-Nazi group plans a rally in a Jewish community.  Community members debate over how to react.

Strange Culture (2007):  Follows the story of Steve Kurtz, an artist detained by the FBI for his work as a suspected terrorist.  The movie deals with post 9/11 paranoia.

V for Vendetta (2006):  (Not my fav movie-it is cheesy and not that well done) but does relate to directly to censorship.

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