Third Semester Summation

While I have to admit to being a bit less organized this semester, my third semester has been (by far) my most productive semester.

At the end of my second semester, my professors began encouraging me to find work within the field.  I took their advice to heart and started working for the USF Polytechnic library and I took a volunteer job at the FSC McKay Archives.  There is no way I could have anticipated how much this could have helped me.  Not only has it confirmed my passion for library and information science, but working in these facilities has significantly enhanced my coursework.  In my cataloging class I was researching DACS while I was actively using DACS in my archive.  In my Teaching Information Literacy class I was reviewing different ways to use technology to teach information at the same time I was writing an iPad lending policy for my library.  The best way to learn is to be able to immediately put the learned knowledge into practice and I am taking full advantage of that benefit.

My goals have remained constant:  I want to obtain the skills, knowledge and degree required to work in a field I am passionate about: information science.  More than any other time in my life, I am making significant and active steps toward these goals and I cannot think of anything more I should be doing.  I am building a network of intelligent, interesting and kind professionals who are becoming good friends.  I am accepting every opportunity to gain new experiences and creating opportunities wherever I can.   I am choosing coursework intentionally so that it will aid in building valuable experiences that I can use throughout my career.  And as valuable as all of these experiences are, the best part is: I am having more fun working than I ever dreamed possible.

At the conclusion of two more semesters (spring of 2012) I will graduate.  Early in the 2012 spring semester I will begin applying for jobs and with any luck, I will have a job lined up before I graduate.  In my perfect world, I will find my dream job in North Carolina or Washington DC working in an academic or government library, archive or museum.  When I allow myself to dream a little bigger, I am working in an archive/library/museum dealing specifically with antique religious documents/artifacts.  This is not entirely impossible since I am currently dealing with a collection in my archive that includes such relics and my undergraduate major was  in religion, but I also respect how rare this is.  Antiquarian religious artifacts might need to be my second job after graduation!

In short, I am optimistic and hopeful about my future.  I can’t wait to see what happens.


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