Book Sale Alternative

Some library book sales work magic and through these book sales the library can generate a substantial supplementary income.  Some libraries are not so lucky.  I have volunteered in one of the Polk County Library Cooperative libraries.  Two of the libraries in this cooperative library system have a book sales.  Both have their book sales located in the front lobby of the library, both book sales are on going with established standard hours and both book sales have similar materials at similarly low prices ($.50 – $1.00 per book).  One library has extreme success and the other has no success.  There is no substantial rhyme or reason to this; it is simply that the patrons of each library are different and different patrons have different wants and needs.  One set of patrons uses the book sale, the other set of patrons does not.

One great book sale alternative for libraries is Better World Books.  The library sends  appropriate material to Better World Books and Better World Books sells the books through one of their 20+ online marketplaces.  The proceeds are then split between the library and one of the many non-profit literacy groups Better World Books is partnered with.  The program is free, Better World Books pays for shipping and they provide the library with all the necessary shipping materials.  They do not take all books, but they do take most books and the book screening process is simple and easy to use: just type in the ISBN and click “GO.”

In addition to public libraries, some universities are unable to have success with book sales.  Some universities have strict rules about who is and who is not allowed to handle money.  Better World Books can serve as a good alternative in these cases as well.



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